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You are the same today, as you will be 5 years from now, except for two things...

The people you meet and the books you read.

Acres Of Diamonds, As A Man Thinketh and The Go Getter were the first three books that the legend Charlie 'Tremendous' Jones gave me and have stayed with me for over 30 years…. I read them often, they never get old, they just get more golden.

In an age when every person on planet earth is searching for answers, meaning and purpose these books help to focus our minds on the things that are important and the difference we all can make.

As you read these Motivational Classics you will uncover the truth to what it really means to be a success and how you can impact not only your own life, but more importantly the lives of every person you meet for the rest of your life.

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Today, we are called upon to think, move, adapt, and transform better, faster and with more wisdom than at any time in human history. It’s only the most adaptable to change who survive. If you are wise and ready to adapt and change, you will go far beyond survival to fully thriving.


This is important information that we’re sharing with you in this little book, whether you’re in a pandemic, recession, personal crisis or just starting over. Life throughout the ages has always been fraught with challenges and opportunities.


Throughout history, life has presented humankind with trials and tribulations of every sort including floods, earthquakes, fires, epidemics, blights, plagues, market crashes and the like. Always, our ancestors survived and ultimately thrived. We will do the same. To do so we need to have the most practical insights, wisdom, and information available.

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