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Transform your relationship with money, how to earn it and how to put it to work!


Our Vision

and Mission

We work together as a team of global entrepreneurs that are dedicated to Unity, Community & Action.

We leverage the latest technology & trends in pursuit of our collective dreams, plans and goals.


Our Story

We have team members and leaders in dozens of countries and many languages, we approach business support with the skill, knowledge and confidence that can only be acquired through over 200 years of

combined global experience supporting Social Entrepreneurs in Direct Sales/Relationship Marketing/Affiliate Marketing.

Operating from Great Britain the Team coordinates, directs and oversees the planning, marketing and execution of webinars, training and events around the globe. Drawing from the expertise of many of our most successful entrepreneurs globally, the team designs, develops and distributes business education programs globally via traditional methods such as Seminars as well as via more advance digital platforms. From a full-day, 10,000 attendee Seminar to international webinars we have the vision, experience and resources to handle all aspects of both local and international business support

and training for our Team of Social Entrepreneurs.


We provide a complete "turnkey business support solution" for all, from meetings and function production including education, recognition and motivation to web applications and multi-media products designed to

aid you in building a profitable business.


We look forward to welcoming you to the team and working with you for greater success.


Development Programs

The Global Business Partners Team is a dedicated group of international entrepreneurs working together to help each other succeed in business. All of our advanced training is designed

to help you develop personally, professionally and financially. 


We are more than just a  training organisation, our team work together in Direct Sales, Affiliate & Relationship Marketing with a common goal to help professionals from all walks of life.

Physical Gold

Why Physical Gold?

For more than 4,000 years the wealthy have trusted Gold as a safe haven for their wealth. Learn why you too should trust Gold and how you can start securing your wealth today. Gold is no longer just for the rich and famous.

Crypto Currency

Why Crypto Currency?

Crypto Currency has become the buzz word of our time but many still do not understand it or purchase/trade it. Learn why and how you can become part of this exciting new digital currency and what benefits it holds.


Why Education?

Creating wealth and developing wealth requires education. Learn from the masters as they reveal their secrets on how you can develop passive incomes and secure your wealth, whilst at the same time putting your money to work.  


Success Stories

“The Global Business Partners bring modern solutions to our need to embrace the latest technologies and have tremendous wealth creating strategies. In 6 months I personally developed my business and income to new levels of success. Its a great community of like minded people who want to help other people succeed"

Morris Goodman aka The Miracle Man

As seen in the Movies The Miracle Man, The Secret & The Opus



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